Kurwongbah has a very proud history of excellence in music. As part of ‘The Arts’ curriculum, all students from Prep through Year 6 have Music lessons for 30 minutes per week. The aim of the music program is to develop the creativity which is present in varying degrees in all children. The music program focuses on students making music and developing the ability to think and express themselves in sound.  The focus of these lessons is to build on students’ understanding of the elements of music through singing, listening, moving and playing instruments. Great emphasis is placed on the "enjoyment" aspect. A range of co-curricular music groups - choral, strings and band, complements the classroom program.
Choral Progarm
Choir: Singing has always played an important part in Kurwongbah State School's music program. Numbers of students participating in the school's vocal groups have multiplied over the years with one third of the school involved in a singing ensemble. Every group has performed successfully at school parades, fetes and concerts. Each group has achieved much success in prestigious competitions with the Senior Singers competing at the State Finals of Choral Fanfare in 2017 and 2019. Kurwongbah have held the title of the Best Primary School Senior Choir in the North Coast Region since 2013 and in 2019 were awarded the Best Primary School Junior Choir. We currently have four choirs: Senior Singers (years 4 – 6), Performance Group (an extension choir for years 5 and 6), Junior Singers (years 2 and 3) and the Prep/One Singers. All rehearsals are conducted out of school time - either before school or during lunch breaks.
Instrumental music
Year 3 - 6 students have the opportunity to join our Instrumental Music program. Selected students will be taught to play orchestral or concert band instruments during school time by Instrumental Music Instructors.  Lessons of half hour duration will be given on a group basis to between three and ten students. The aim of the instrumental program is to provide quality string and concert band experience for these students to develop music skills of a higher standard. All the instrumental ensembles perform at school and community functions as well as entering competitions.
Concert Band: Students may commence learning brass, percussion or woodwind instruments from year 4.  During the first year of tuition the students will join the Junior Concert Band and then the following year they proceed onto the Senior Concert Band. The concert bands rehearse once a week either before school or lunch time.
Percussion Ensemble: Students may commence learning percussion from year 4. The Percussion Ensemble rehearses once a week however students learning percussion will also be a member of the Junior or Senior Concert Band and are required to attend that rehearsal.
String Orchestra: Students may commence learning a string instrument from year 3. During the first year of tuition the students will join the Junior String Ensemble and then the following year they proceed onto the Senior String Orchestra. These group rehearse once a week (before school or lunch time)
Last reviewed 16 December 2019
Last updated 16 December 2019