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We believe homework provides an opportunity for children to consolidate learning that occurs at school and to share with their parents the knowledge and skills they have gained. Our focus areas for homework include reinforcing maths facts, reading and spelling.

Homework should be well structured and targeted to class learning goals. By providing small amounts of focussed homework it ensures there is sufficient time for family and recreational pursuits.

The Guidelines for Parents provides an outline of the role parents can play to support their children in completing their homework. Parents are asked to communicate with their child’s teacher regarding any concerns they have with the set homework.






​ ​ ​ Prep year

Recommended Time Allocation​: N/A

Purpose: Quality time with your child, extending their vocabulary and valuing them.

Brief Description of Content:
Guidelines for Parents:
  • Every week we will send home “Supportive Learning Cards” which contain ideas and activities that you may wish to implement at home with your children.
  • Read to your child


​ ​ ​ Year 1
Recommended Time Allocation​: 10 - 15 min each night
Purpose: To review and enforce class learning
Brief Description of Content:
  • Reading 
  • Sight words / spelling
  • Choice activities (optional) oral language opportunities & family bonding opportunities (homework grid)

Guidelines for Parents:

  • Reading – Encourage your child to use a variety of reading strategies (e.g. skip the word, picture clues, reading on, chunking and sounding out)
  • Reading - Encourage your child to retell the book in his / her own words and answer complex questions relating to the book (e.g. Why do you think….? What made …?)
  • Sight words – Your child needs to read these words by sight without having to sound out the word.
  • Spelling – Your child needs to know how to spell these words orally and by writing them.



​ ​ ​ Year 2
Recommended Time Allocation​: 20 min per night
Purpose: Reinforce student learning

Brief Description of Content:

  • Read every night to a parent, care giver or sibling and discuss the book using the generic comprehension sheet that will be provided in the Homework Book. (10 mins)
  • Sight word or spelling practice 3 x per week (5 - 10 mins). Write out spelling list neatly. Reinforce spelling in a fun way using an activity from the ideas sheet provided.
  • Number facts practice 3 x per week (5 – 10 mins). Refer to Number Facts in table form provided at the front of the homework book. The teacher will identify the numbers to be revised each week.

Guidelines for Parents:

  • Establish a routine for homework – i.e. where homework will be done and when. Some children may work better in the morning than the afternoon.
  • Ensure your child is able to understand what he/she is reading by using the comprehension sheet provided.
  • Sign off on home reading each night.



​ ​ ​ Year 3
Recommended Time Allocation​:15 mins spelling / number facts activities and 10 mins reading per night
Purpose: Revise and consolidate class work independently
Brief Description of Content:
  • Spelling
  • Number facts
  • Extension Study Ladder activities​
Guidelines for Parents:
  • Assist if needed
  • Listen to child and ask questions – refer to sheet (PDF, 357KB)
  • Distributed Fridays and collected Thursdays
​ ​ ​ Year 4
Recommended Time Allocation​:20 - 30 mins 4 days a week
Purpose: Revision and to allow parents to view what students are doing in class.
Brief Description of Content:
  • Spelling (10 minutes per night)
  • Number facts (10 minutes per night) may include Study Laddder tasks
  • Reading (10 minutes per night)​
Guidelines for Parents:
  • Monitor and sign
  • Reading - use strategies on the attached sheet (PDF, 187KB) to support your child when he/she is reading
  • Please communicate with the teacher if homework becomes stressful​
​ ​ ​ Year 5
Recommended Time Allocation​:30 mins 4 nights per week
Purpose: To reinforce number facts, spelling and reading strategies.
Brief Description of Content:
  • Read 4 - 5 nights per week for 15 mins (signed by an adult)
  • Revise number facts based on class teaching
  • Learn spelling words according to weekly list
  • Occasionally an extra task which may require basic research/preparation​
Guidelines for Parents:
  • Monitor and sign nightly reading
  • Sign homework upon completion
  • Contact teacher if homework is causing stress or it is too difficult for your child​
​ ​ ​ Year 6
Recommended Time Allocation​:varies according to students' abilities
  • Reading - 1 hour per week minimum
  • Spelling and maths - approx. 30 mins each week
Purpose: To practise skills/concepts and to provide parents a glimpse of classroom content
Brief Description of Content:
  • Independent reading material (student's choice)
  • Spelling activity based on weekly spelling lists
  • Maths activities linked to class content​
Guidelines for Parents:
  • Provide a quiet work space away from distractions
  • Check for regular completion
  • Sign reading logs
  • Inform class teacher if homework appears too difficult